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Hi all,

I like the recent update. It's cool, but childish. It's clean, but have bugs. Now, that the game looks better, why not have a better function. I know, I'm not a child, nor an adult but a teen. Most of us looks for a more exciting, fun and relaxing game in the internet. Yo got fun and relaxing, and a lot of interacting and being social, but also got a lot boring. 

So, I'm thinking of Mini Games which we can spend our time, and not just decorating, dressing, and being social. We think of 'playing' and I think it will be more of a game of fun and games. game is loading we can have something to play for.

I get a lot of coins, when I have a lot of coins I - Decorating, Dressing, and Giving Away; optional: spend coins on the casino and my last choice is the casino. That, that only. For me, the game is more than just being in the threads, seriously speaking. And I want to expand what we can do with the game.

I know how to do it, and I also know that it is going to be so fast, and I think it's a good idea to work with the game. This is just a suggestion that I want to shout out and want to say that I'm bored.

I am a huge fan of Big Viking Games for working on the Game because they're putting effort into this. I know Big Viking Games because they know and will always know that we have an important role with the game.

Also you can check this 

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