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I was just in a thread about wanting another game mode. I liked it but it was dragged out and long. That is when I came to a conclusion that instances would be great. I mentioned some ideas in that thread but it can go much farther than that. Aside from adding clan defense instances there could be numbers of possible pvp types of instances. Heck,there could be non PVP instances that challenge you to do quests or even mini-games similar to carnival/fair games. The big question is how would the instances be activated or qued up? I was thinking that to go into certain instances you need to get and/or build keys to activate a portal. Heck,maybe even make it so you have to build your tribes own instance portal? IDK lol For those that are like "what the crap are instances" they are kinda like the boss arenas. Its an area loaded in separate from the actual map. Those that have played or do play MMORPGs know what I am saying. I really could not fathom all of the different types of instances there could be so I will leave that up to everyone else. Just the idea of instances alone is what I am suggesting more of.

Please help.

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